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If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony as a result of a legal mistake or court error, you have the right to appeal the judgment in a higher court. This appeal process can be complicated – working with an experienced Los Angeles appellate lawyer can help improve your chances of success.

At Amber Gordon, Attorney at Law, we have extensive experience providing appellate services to clients across Los Angeles. We are motivated to help you fight for your rights and your future. Let us put our appeals experience to work for you.

We may be able to appeal your conviction. Contact our criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles at (310) 928-9505.

How the Appeals Process Works

Unfortunately, the court system does make mistakes, and these mistakes can lead to unjust convictions. When this happens, you have the option of filing an appeal with a higher court, such as the California Supreme court. If you go this route, you must act quickly as you have a limited amount of time after your conviction to file the appeal. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have between 30 and 180 days to file.

You may have grounds to file an appeal if:

  • Evidence was allowed when it should not have been
  • Evidence was incorrectly withheld or suppressed
  • The sentence handed down by the court is not appropriate for the crime
  • There was misconduct on the part of the prosecution during your trial
  • The jury was confused, or jury instructions were unclear, and your judgment was affected
  • Mistakes in the interpretation of the law negatively affected the outcome of your case
  • Your constitutional rights were violated during the trial

Criminal convictions can severely impact your life. It is worth speaking with a knowledgeable Los Angeles appeals lawyer to discuss your options. The appeals process can give you a second chance to try your case, receive a fair judgment, and avoid jail time.

We Are There for You Post-Conviction

All too often, legal mistakes and misconduct can lead to unfair judgments and undeserved criminal convictions. Many people are unaware that they have options after they have been convicted. When mistakes happen, filing an appeal can help you avoid unfair criminal penalties and an undeserved conviction on your record.

Our Los Angeles appeals attorney can help you throughout the process, even if we were not the original criminal defense firm on your case. Amber Gordon, Attorney at Law is driven to help clients through this challenging time in their lives. We want to empower you to get your life back through aggressive yet compassionate legal representation.

Discuss your options with our criminal appeals attorney in Los Angeles today. Call (310) 928-9505.

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    Ms. Gordon isn't afraid to go to trial. Having handled many jury trials, some including murder, she is skilled and well equipped to handle your case.

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    We believe the strongest defense involves a team approach. Not only will you be actively involved, but Ms. Gordon will work with experts in various fields in order to build an effective defense.

  • Exclusive Focus on Criminal Defense

    Ms. Gordon handles only criminal related cases with a focus on violent, gang and drug crimes. She has successfully handled cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to murder.

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  • “Amber was focused and paid much attention to detail. She knew every step that needed to be taken, kept me in the loop, offered moral support and the outcome was exactly what she had predicted it would ...”

    - Former Client